If you are re-painting the exterior of your home or hardscape with your existing colors or if you select an approved color scheme (as long it is not the same or similar color scheme as your adjacent neighbors), you do not need approval. If you chose any other scheme, you must seek and obtain approval from the architectural committee before commencing painting.

The approved color palette for home exteriors for Stonecliffe is on file at the Dunn Edwards store at 30102 Santa Margarita Parkway #A, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. (949) 459-1195 or (877) 735-8375.

An account has been established under Stonecliffe Association, which will provide the owners with approximately 24% off of the retail price for Dunn-Edwards products. The account number is 233250-000.

The list of color schemes is found by clicking on the following link: http://www.stonecliffe.org/docs/Architectural/SHARec-Arch_paint-schemes.pdf

The color schemes shown DO NOT necessarily reflect the existing or original color schemes specified by the builder in Stonecliffe. The binder, located at the store, includes schemes that have received approval by your Board of Directors. Each scheme includes a legend that specifies the appropriate placement of color for the various architectural features of the home. The colors must be used exactly as shown in Scheme Form. Otherwise, a Home Improvement Form must be submitted and prior approval of the Architectural Committee must be obtained before painting may begin. (See Forms & Rules page on this website.)

Please contact Accell Property Management if you have any further questions.


When is Trash collected?

Trash is collected weekly on Tuesdays, except when any of five holidays fall on Mondays or Tuesdays (New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, & Christmas), in which case(s) collections will be on Wednesdays. See the website for Waste Management of Orange County to contact customer service, or find specific information regarding recycling, waste collection, Christmas tree recycling, etc.


What happens to a suggestion or question submitted to the BOD through www.stonecliffe.org?

After submission, you will land on an acknowledgement page indicating all members of the BOD have been sent a copy of your question or suggestion.

If BOD action is required, the item may be placed on the agenda of the next scheduled BOD meeting. The agenda for the general session portion of all BOD meetings is posted at least four days prior to the meeting. Check to see if it’s on the agenda. You could attend the meeting and comment on the topic during open forum and/or listen to the BOD discussion & action on the item.

Your question or suggestion may not require BOD action, but if the BOD determines that there is sufficient general interest in the topic, a Cliffe Notes article or FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) will be developed and posted to the website. The best way to be aware of the posting is to subscribe to the Stonecliffe Google Group called “Announcements”, where an email with links to notices and announcements are sent to all subscribers when posted. If you are not a subscriber, you may check the website periodically for new postings or look for announcements on the HOA bulletin board by the exit gate.

Generally, direct responses are not sent to those who submit suggestions or questions, except in rare instances. No email receipt for submissions will be sent to homeowners. Questions, issues or problems involving or specific to individual homeowners are best handled by contacting Stonecliffe's property management company.


The iron fences on the perimeter(s) of your property, as well as all other fences bordering your property, belong to you and are your responsibility to maintain.

Painting should extend the life of those fences. The color of the wrought iron perimeter fence is Dunn Edwards DE 6378 Jet.

As long as you paint the iron fences in the above color, you don't need approval from the architectural committee. If you want to change the color or change the fence material or design itself of any of your fences, you must obtain approval before proceeding.

Please see Forms & Rules for additional information, including discounts available from Dunn-Edwards in Rancho Santa Margarita.

For any other info, please direct your inquiry to Crummack Huseby Property Management.





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