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Jim Buchholz
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Board of Directors Activity

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are elected by homeowners, and volunteer their time to serve our community. The Board acts on behalf of the Association to maintain, preserve, and protect the common areas of the community, to enhance the value of homes within the community, and administrate Stonecliffe's governing documents.

There are 5 seats on the BOD. Terms are two years long and there are no limitations on how many terms an individual can serve. Usually three seats come open in the even years and the other two seats in the odd years.

Board Members

Current Board Members

Matt Swanson, President

Ray MacLean, Vice President

Lori Clements, Secretary

Jim Buchholz, Treasurer

Lori Coles, At Large

Term Expires

Apr/May 2020

Apr/May 2021

Apr/May 2020

Apr/May 2020

Apr/May 2021

Interested in becoming a Stonecliffe Board Member?

Serve your neighbors by providing your time and talent. Learn more about it. Review minutes of recent meetings, financial information, etc. which are all contained on this website. See what's expected of a BOD/Officer using the links below. Attend BOD meetings and talk to a current Board member. Nominations are solicited in February for spring elections.

Stonecliffe BOD Responsibilities-Expectations

2018 Request for Candidates


Board Meetings

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Regularly Scheduled Board of Directors meetings are usually held bi-monthly on the 4th Wednesday of a month. Meetings are usually held at the 1st floor meeting room of the Santa Margarita Water District, 26111 Antonio Parkway, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

The Usual Meeting Format is:

6:00 PM – 6:30 PM : Executive Session (BOD only, No members until open forum)
Executive Session Meetings - Types of Issues Addressed

6:30 PM – 6:45 PM : Open Forum (Members comments, questions, etc. to BOD; generally limited to three minutes each)

6:45 PM - 8:00 PM : Regular Session (Members observe, but do not participate)


Special Meetings

Special Meetings may be called by the BOD at any time. Notice containing date, time, location and agenda will be posted no later than three days prior to the meeting on the bulletin board located at the community exit gate and in "Announcements" on this website. Check the notice for meeting location.


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Board Meeting Schedule

Meeting Agenda

A notice and agenda of the upcoming meeting will be posted 4 days prior to the meeting on the bulletin board located at the community exit gate. A copy of the notice and agenda will also be posted here.


Meetings are generally the 4th Wednesday of the month; monthly. Meetings may be scheduled at other times. Please check back for the current meeting schedule.

2019 Meetings


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Meeting Minutes


Annual Membership Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting is usually held each April on the same date as the regular BOD meeting for the primary purpose of filling open seats on the Board of Directors.

Valid ballots must be cast by more than half of number of members (at least seventy-three ballots) in order to have a quorum and conduct the election on the originally scheduled date. Should insufficient ballots be received, the Annual Meeting is adjourned and reconvened, usually during May on the same date as the regularly scheduled BOD meeting. The quorum requirements for a reconvened meeting drop to a minimum of twenty-five percent of the members (at least thirty-seven) valid ballots for the election to be conducted.

Election Rules (Nov 07)

Annual Membership Meeting - 2018

Annual Membership Meeting - 2017


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Financial Information

Homeowners Association Financial Reports & Information


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